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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A hard day, looking for the good

It was a brutally hard day and I really don't have a lot of energy to post much of anything; there was so much to do for my job, and a few extras thrown in. But I'm trying to get something onto this blog every day and so I'll do the best I can.

I'll try to find the good in this day.

Today, my beautiful wife started her new job, sacrificing herself, as always, for our family, and proving once again why I admire her so much. I know it's a painful transition for her, from business owner and artist with a national following to wage-earner. But our family needs that extra financial help in these times. I can only hope that her sacrifice will pay off, and that her business will take off again when things get better.  

On my wife's first day of work, my youngest son went to the nurse's office with a stomach ache. Naturally. With mom not home, the nurse reached out to me and I had to make the trek an hour from my office to pick him up and take him home. A hassle to be sure. But there was good in it. As we walked his excuse slip from the nurse's office to his classroom, he slipped his small hand in mine, and it was a gesture I treasured. Soon, he'll be too old for such things. And when we reached his classroom, his teacher told me he will be playing Scrooge in his class Christmas play--our third child to catch the acting bug. My eldest son and daughter both have parts in their school play this coming spring, A Midsummer Night's Dream. My daughter, when she was little and used to go to the altar for childrens' sermons, played for attention. She called the congregation, "My Audience." Last year, she won her class talent show. I cherish their imaginations. I hope for their best dreams to come true.

"Daddy, I love you," my youngest told me as we walked from his classroom to the car. 

Another good came out of that hassle. Because I have good and understanding bosses, because of the craft I am lucky enough to pursue, and because of the wondrous technology available to me, I had the flexibility to pick up my son from school, bring him home, see that he was cared for, and still put in a full day of work.

When my wife came home tired from her day at work, she nonetheless put together a delicious meal for us. I owe her one for that, and intend to pay her and the family back with some of my patented chili this weekend. There are things to look forward to.

I did not get to the gym today, which was a bummer, and which robbed me of the lift that I always get when I exercise. But I have my health. And I will get to the gym tomorrow.

Part of my long day at work involved editing a truly inspiring story for Portfolio.com about Pakistani entrepreneurs who are working to bring a better life to their nation. If you, like me today, need some inspiration, you should read the story here. I'm grateful that I got to play a small part in getting that story up on the web where millions should read it.

Also, as part of my work today, I had the opportunity to interview two CEOs of companies that could be changing the way people work, and the way researchers research. I'm privileged to be exposed to bright people striving to achieve new things.

I also had the time, a little while ago, to read from a thoughtful book I'm working through, The Problem With God. A friend recommended it to me, and I recommend it to anyone who, like me, is struggling with faith or the lack of it, or just trying to find some explanations for the suffering in this world.
The delicious meal my wife put together for us was better than millions will get. They will go hungry. They will starve. This most decidedly is not a good thing. But because I am fortunate enough to have health and skills, I also have the ability to help those with so much less than I have. I'm a long way from being good at this. But I have the opportunity to improve.

I have the privilege of picking up my eldest son from work tonight, and will have the opportunity to chat with him. His life is busy enough that I'll take the chances I get, and will always regret the chances I missed when he was younger and I was more selfish.    

And with that, I'll close, knowing I had a hard day, but a much better day than many.

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