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I stay busy with a day job and active family. This is my second personal blog, because I found my first one skewing to political and business issues, and I wished to reserve a place for short stories and essays on religion, family, and small town life. I hope you'll enjoy what you find here.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The joys of parenthood

Just a quick one before working on the novel in between rushing kids everywhere. I'm hoping to have at least enough to show an agent by the end of the year.

Today is another parenting day for me, as Rachel heads into work. So, parenting, cleaning and writing all should keep me plenty busy.

So far, it's meant an unexpected Burger King run because, I'm told, "There's nothing good to eat in this house," a war of wills over cleaning rooms, and a screaming-bloody-murder accident involving an injured toe. Parenthood, it's just so much fun!

Here's hoping for a little more restfulness and focus so I can at least concentrate on the novel for a little while. I feel that deadline looming harder every day. Hopefully, I'll have some of it to share here within the next week.

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